fatih akın

fka dev

Hello, I'm Fatih. I live in Istanbul and work as a front-end developer at Hepsiburada.com. I love writing JavaScript and being part of its evolution. I'm also the organizer of Jstanbul, the first JavaScript conference in Turkey, and writer of the Modern JavaScript book.


I'm trying to be a social person.

§professional experience

I like to work with leading companies.

§books & publications

My editor is not only for writing codes... — Verba volant, scripta manent.


Community organizations, hackathons, meet-ups, etc. — Res publica non dominetur.

§talks & tutorships

I love talking about JavaScript.

§online talks

I love talking about JavaScript, online.


Contacting people are super easy now.

You can contact me any time via fka {at} fatihak {dot} in, but @fkadev will be way easier.

Also you can ask me any questions at ask.fm/fkadev


I am proud of taking part in these huge software projects:

Hepsiburada.com webBox.io MetGlobal HotelStore Tatil.com Koding Markafoni Enmoda Zizigo Misspera Pozitim Turkcell Vodafone Avea Azercell Eagle Misli Turkuvaz Patlican